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Magic Sales Bot gives you intel on your prospects. Then, our AI writes personalized sales emails based on their socials, industry news, and your target audience.

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I'm Ryan, and I make Magic Sales Bot

As a software sales rep, I disliked the tools we were using. They focused on quantity, instead of quality. I knew that being successful in sales happened when reps took the time to understand their client's business and personalize to their needs.

That's why I make Magic Sales Bot, to give good sales reps the upper hand when prospecting. With better intel, sales reps can:

  • Help themselves by better helping their clients.
  • Find customers for life by positioning themselves as an expert on their own business and their customers' businesses.
  • Be part of the small percentage of reps who are hitting quota, earning their OTE, and enjoy their work.

I appreciate you giving Magic Sales Bot a shot

When I was a sales rep, I had ideas about what sales tools built by salespeople would look like. I taught myself to code, and I build this tool as a team of one. Any feedback you have for me is valuable in making a better product. Of course, if you're not satisfied, I'll refund you with no questions asked.

I'm a former sales rep and self-taught developer. I build Magic Sales Bot because most sales tools suck, and I want to change that. It starts by having sales tools made by actual salespeople, and with the feedback of users like you.

Ryan Doyle

Owner of Magic Sales Bot

All the intel you need to book more meetings.

Magic Sales Bot gathers intel and uses it to write personalized sales emails for you, no matter the company you're trying to sell to.

LinkedIn Profiles & Email Addresses

Automatically get LinkedIn profiles and email addresses for every target company you run reports on.

Attention-Grabbing Emails

We use OpenAI's GPT-3 to write sales emails that are personalized to your company and any target company you enter. Save time coming up with prospecting content!

Company & Industry News

No matter the company, we'll give you news on their Industry and their business, along with AI-generates snippets you can use to personalize your emails and hook their attention.

Spending Habits

Get intel on your prospect's spending habits so you can know their likelihood to buy before you reach out.

Social Media Data

We give you every social media profile a company has, so you can further personalize your messaging and position yourself as an expert on their business.

Unlimited Intel Reports

You get all this data on unlimited companies - unlimited Linkedin profiles, email addresses, AI emails, spending data, social media data, and more!

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  • Get AI-written emails
  • Get Linkedin profiles and email addresses
  • Unlimited usage of the platform

Frequently asked questions

Do you offer team plans?
Yes, feel free to email me at with your desired number of seats and I'll set you up with a discounted invoice.
How do you write emails with AI?
I use OpenAI's GPT-3, prompted with a proprietary set of information from effective sales emails I've encountered in my career. I also feed it data about your company, your target company, and the news in order to personalize it.
Where do you pull data from? Is this safe to use?
Yes, I only pull publically accessible data, and then it is only on your prospects, not your company. I pull from sources like LinkedIn, Clearbit, Apollo, Bing, Google, and NerdyData.
How do you determine Company Spending Habits?
We access this data by using the services of NerdyData
Do you have bulk email creation?
Not yet! But I'm getting there
What if I have a feature request or a bug to report?
Send it my way! You can contact me at or on Twitter at @ryan___doyle.


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