What is Magic Sales Bot?
Magic Sales Bot is a signal tracker that helps you prioritize your prospects by surfacing those that are most likely to buy.

We do this by monitoring all your uploaded accounts and alerting you whenever there’s news, funding, or any of your target roles have promotions, new employees, or new job postings.

Simply upload your account list, tell us your target role, and check your dashboard daily! We’ll also send you a daily briefing via email so you never miss out on an opportunity to reach out to prospects

What signals do we track?
Right now there are 5 main signals:
- Funding events (when a company raises money)
- News Events (when a company is mentioned in a news publication)
- Hiring Events (when a company posts a new job in a role you target)
- Promotion Events (when a company promotes an employee in a role you target)
- New Employee Events (when a new employee in a role you target starts at one of your accounts)

Have an idea for another signal? Let me know at ryan@magicsalesbot.com!

What do I get in the pro plan?
Unlimited accounts with daily updates, forever!